Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grrr... You must be kidding me!

Ever have one of those moments when your like, "what the heck have we done ALL this for?" I'm having these moments. Totally frustrated, bummed out and yet proud and grateful too.

We've been living with Doug's parents to help out with his step-dad who has alzheimer's and although I deeply love them this arrangement is hard for many reasons. So, we've been trying to get a mortgage for our land and build or buy something. Nothing big mind you, a shack would be nice at this point.

Doug and I have worked really hard to get debt free. We took the Dave Ramsey course, our credit score is up 77 points, no cc debt, no car payments! PTL (praise the Lord) We made the decision that it was time to try before all my sanity was gone and I had to be hauled away in a white jacket to a padded room.

Mortgage lady called today. First,it wasn't who we've been talking to. Second, she was rude. At last but not least she said no. Apparently when it's good news the mortgage broker you talk to and deal with will call you, but if not you get the lady that has nothing better to do than be rude to you. She starts by telling me we are 13 points from having our loan. Then that we need to get a credit card to boost our credit score so that we can get the loan. Ummmm, HELLO, we just got out of debt! So I told her no we were not going to do that. She not so politely tells me "well, then, there is nothing we can do for you!"

GRRRR... I mean really, you must be kidding me. Nothing, nadda? Seriously?

It's it legal to live in a tent?

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