Secert Identity (About Me)

Super hero? No! Super Woman? Maybe. Super Crazy…definitely. But it’s not my fault! If you were the only women in a house full of five men/boys you’d be crazy too!

By day, I’m a hardworking mom who takes care of her boys. I homeschool my youngest two boys and my two oldest boys are now men and out living life and one is serving our country.  By night I’m a crime-fighter helping to keep the streets free (not really, I'm a Children's Ministry Director for our local church.)
My super hero is Doug, my husband. We’ve been together 13 years, he’s my best friend and biggest source of inspiration. (Seriously, half the things I write about are things he does).

My secret identity is literally a secret. I have so little time to do my favorite things, I almost can’t remember what they are. I’m an avid learner of sign language, I love to read and crochet. As a part of my alter-ego (Super MOM) I was a former children’s pastor and church secretary, current   homeschool group president, full time homeschool mom, and wife to Doug, Mom to Bryce, Tyler, Alex and Andrew.
If you need saving, get in line, because I’m trying to save myself of the insanity of being the Lone Estrogen in my house! 

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