Gadgets (Homechool stuff!)

 Here are some of my most valuable resources. Some are for curriculum, some aren't. I hope you find something that helps you on your homeschool journey.

Reading Eggs - Reading Eggspress

I love these sites. I haven't used the Reading Eggs because my kids are older but they LOVE the Reading Eggspress. It is such a fun way to reenforce reading is fun.

Math U See

I love love love Math U See. I am terrible at math so I was terrified to teach it, but Math U See has made it easy. My kids really like it and are becoming math whizzes!

This also has a worksheet generator that is really helpful when you run out of math worksheets. 

Homeschool Classifieds

I have lived on this site lately. If you need a used, and sometimes new, curriculum book chances are you will find it here and for a great price. I have gotten 95% of this years books from this site. Truly a life saver!

Enchanted Learning

I love this site too. I use it all the time to supplement what I am currently teaching. Tons of printable worksheets. Some free, some a membership is required.


Once again a great website to supplement what I'm teaching. I have a membership here and at Enchanted learning, well worth the money.

K12 Reader

Phonics, Spelling lists, english  and the list goes on. Great resources. I have used this for spelling lists.

Big IQ Kids

Math, Spelling and Vocabulary

My kids love this. The kids earn game tokens for lessons. There are not a lot of free games but the kids still enjoy it. This really helped me make these subjects fun again when they were in a rut.

Scholastic Videos

This is the coolest thing. Virtual tours through Plimouth Plantation. All about the pilgrims, the Indians and the the first thanksgiving. How they lived, what they ate, etc.. It's like stepping back in time. We really loved this.

National Geographic Kids

All things animals  and countries. Neat interactive way to learn more about animals and the countries they live in.

Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Maker

I think the name speaks for itself. I use this all the time!

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