Saturday, October 2, 2010

Random Thoughts

My thoughts are so random these days. Lately I've been trying to get some of my creative thoughts out. I've had writers block for years it seems like. I can't get anything out that's intelligent. I have however been able to get some of those creative juices flowing in a few other ways.

I've always been drawn to music and images. When I listen to music it has to mean something to me. Has to touch me somewhere deep within for me to even listen to it for half a second. I heard this song not long ago "By Your Side" by: Tenth Avenue North. WOW! This song really hits me, it's like Jesus is speaking right to me. Every time I hear it invokes emotions that I just can't explain. I started working on a video to go with the song, I've seen some on youtube, and although they are good they just didn't speak to me. As a "side effect" Andy heard that song playing a lot the last few days and last night we were on our way home, from our Friday night hang out, he asks for this song. He starts to sing and I looked at Doug and could tell he was feeling the same thing. To hear his small voice singing, "I'll be by your side whenever you fall..... My hands are holding you.", my heart almost burst.

This is one 6 year old that loves the Lord. Through him I can see why Jesus says that we should be like children. Their hearts are so full of love just like our Savior!

Can you imagine the creator of the universe calls us His beloved! After all I've done, everywhere I've been, how far I've fallen, He loves me still, continually, as in never stopped loving me. I tell my sons that no matter what they do I will always love them, not always pleased, but ALWAYS loved. This seems to be the theme for this past week, I seem to keep running into this everywhere I go.

While writing this blog I was listening to some music and heard another song, go figure. This is everything I feel. How can a song so describe how you feel so deep inside that you thought no one but God could possibly understand.

Father, I know I have disappointed you more times than I can count. I know the only good thing about me is your Son, Jesus. Thank you for that, thank you for Him. Thank you for never letting me go, for continually loving me. Empty my hands, fill up my heart, capture me mind with you. Father, help me to never walk to far from you, I love you Lord. I need you Father. I never want to be without you. I want to feel you every second of everyday. I want to focus on you! Help me see you in everything I do, Help ask you before every step I take. Direct me, Father. I love you, JESUS! I LOVE YOU!

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