Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm totally insane!

I haven't had a day off in 2 weeks. Looks like I won't have one next week either. I've totally lost my mind. We had to buy a new ride since the saturn and the van have seen better days. We are trying to resurrect the van but the saturn is in the graveyard. So now we have to pay for this new ride, hence all the overtime. It's making me insane I tell ya. There are some other benefits to this crazy schedule I get to attend Avery's b-day party in Texas in just a few weeks and Doug and I get to go see Kamri and Evie in the Nutcracker Ballet in Dec. I'm totally stoked about both of those. I hope my rapid reward flying points add up fast with all this flying back and forth.

We are entering week 3 of no smart phones. :( I'm totally going through withdrawals. My whole life was in that phone and I hate not having it.  I blame this on myself as I had a momentary lapse in judgement and added teenagers to my cell plan. In the 3 years Doug and I have been with Verizon we've never gone over our mins our had an outrageous bill. The teens did it in a month. The younger boys will hate the older ones when it comes time for them to get cell phones, cause my first question will be. Do you have a job? No, well then you have no phone! Alex is already looking for work and he is 9! He asked our landlord if he had any jobs he could do that he needed to make $10 a month. I think he might have found something for him to do. Alex really wants that Lego Universe monthly subscription but mom's just not working overtime for that!

Andy and I went to the Florida Aquarium on Tuesday with the home school group. I was lots of fun and of course he really enjoyed it. Especially getting to see the penguins so up close and personal, since they are his favorite animal. I love our field trips we always have a good time and we get to do lots of fun stuff. I'm really looking for to January's field trip to Lego land! Hooray for group rates otherwise we couldn't go, it's like Disney expensive!

So there is nothing new really going on. Just me trying to make it through each day without losing my mind.

Andy & I at the Aquarium

Getting into the learning side of the Aquarium

Touching the star fish! that water was COLD!

Andy and his best friends Joel (left) and Jake (right)


  1. Good for Alex for taking the initiative to find a job. Too bad #1 and #2 don't.

    BTW you are insane, but we love you anyway.