Sunday, October 2, 2011

WOW! My kid is cool!

Our brilliant genius level son was nominated to travel with People to People in the summer of 2012. I had never heard of this program so I was a little surprised to get the letter in the mail. I had to go look it up. Alex was invited to travel through Europe in the UK & Ireland. What a cool opportunity! Although I'm not sure how I feel about letting my 5th grader (he would be by then) go to Europe without me. I think it's incredible that he was invited. It's also uber expensive, of course. This is definitely something that we have to pray about about but I just thought it was soooo cool!
My brilliant amazing 9 yr old son!

From the People to People website:

The People to People movement dates back more than half a century to its founding by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. Eisenhower was acting on his firm belief that direct interaction between ordinary citizens around the world can promote cultural understanding and world peace.
That proud legacy of hope lives on in People to People Ambassador Programs on seven continents. 

Legends of the United Kingdom and Ireland

AUDIENCE: Grades 5th - 6th

London, EnglandGet to know the Beefeaters, official guards of the Tower of London, and learn about the tower’s 10 centuries of rich history.
Gain an insider’s perspective on British government from a current or former Parliament or Cabinet member.
Float past Big Ben and other iconic London landmarks on a Thames riverboat.
Re-create life in the Middle Ages—complete with a medieval banquet.
Experience the ceremonial changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
Catch a play or musical in the West End, considered the capital of the theater world.
Soar high above the city in the London Eye, the world’s largest Ferris wheel.

Oxford, England

Explore this famous college town and its blend of ancient architecture and modern business.

Warwick, England

Spend an afternoon on the grounds of Warwick Castle, where a medieval encampment brims with music, games, and colorful characters ranging from knights to rat-catchers.
Train to wage war as a knight, and watch the world’s largest trebuchet (catapult) in action.

The Highlands, Scotland

Keep your eyes peeled for signs of Nessie, the legendary lake monster.
Learn how sheepdog puppies are trained to watch over their flocks.
Hike to discover hidden waterfalls and deep mountain pools in stunning Scottish scenery.
Meet a traditional Scotsman, and learn how his regalia honor the country’s history and heritage.
Try on a kilt and kick up your heels during an evening of Scottish culture.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Experience Scotland’s commanding capital city, perched upon the crests of seven hills.
Stroll the Royal Mile, and research the history of Scottish clans.
Explore Edinburgh Castle, from its 12th-century chapel to the 1 o’clock gun.

Blaenavon, Wales

Hear Welsh spoken by local craftsman while exploring St. Fagans, a 16th-century castle turned open-air museum.

Dublin, Ireland

Explore the streets of Dublin, including areas like Grafton Street and Trinity College.
Try your hand at Gaelic football in the Gaelic Athletic Museum.

County Kerry, Ireland

Visit ancient Blarney Castle, and discover the Witch’s Kitchen and other Druid rock formations found on its grounds.
View the breathtaking Gap of Dunloe from a horse-drawn jaunty car.
Soak up the joyous Irish culture during a céilidh, an evening of traditional music and dance.
Admire the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, which plummet 650 feet straight down t


  1. that is COOL! Keep me posted if he's going to go.

  2. That awesome, Amber got nominated also but to go to Canada this summer...we are praying also. Phil say the only way she goes is if I go too!!

  3. I feel that way about Europe but Canada I might actually consider. I would feel better if it was Canada! That's cool about Amber!