Friday, September 16, 2011

3 day weekend!

I've officially been up 15 hours and I don't have to be back at work until Monday at 9:30 pm! Praise the Lord! Today I ordered the cage for the new pedigree rabbit, went to the tag office, paid an enormous fine at the library, had lunch with Andy and Doug, went to the laundromat and did some 13 loads of laundry. The was no stinking way I was doing all that laundry on the only weekend I've had off in months! No thank you! Tonight dinner with friends.

Tomorrow the new cage for the rabbit (thanks to amazon's prime shipping overnight for $3.99!!!) Which is a very good thing because I came in under budget and just in time. We make the drive to Lake Wales tomorrow to see Andy's new pedigree show bunny. That phrase still kills me! I mean really a pedigree bunny, but hey there could be worse things, at least he doesn't want a horse!
Tomorrow night curl up and watch movies, which I am totally looking forward too. 

Sunday is church. So we have a long weekend ahead but I am really looking forward to spending some good family time. Andy says to me today that he hasn't got to spend much time with me lately which is funny because he has seen me more than Doug or Alex. I don't ever get to see Doug anymore, just right before he leaves for work and right before I leave for work. Just passing each other in the doorway.

So I met this lady in the laundromat that does other peoples laundry. $10 bucks an hour and she washes, dries, folds and puts it all away. At this point that is sounding mighty awesome!  I took her number not that I can really afford to have someone come do my laundry but it is every moms dream, right?

I have managed to get 95% of Andy's school done this week. With just a few minor assignments unfinished. OHHHH. Andy got his very first library card today! He is so cute with it! He signed the back and everything! He was so proud to show it to Daddy. Super cute! We may even hit the library tomorrow. Alex is home this week so life is almost complete. We are only missing 2 now. I sure do miss them.


  1. So isn't it counter intuitive if you are doing 95% of Andy's school work?

  2. HAHAHA he is doing it himself smarty! I just meant we got it done!