Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Boys and Lots of Rain

I love love love my boys. I don't post as much about my kids. Other people have hysterical stories about their kids and the crazy things they do, I however don't. Maybe it's not so much that my kids aren't funny and don't do crazy cute things, Of course they do. However, let's face it, I'm stinking old and exhausted I just can't remember what they are later to blog about them. I try, I really do. I think oh man cute I'll blog later, sit down and yep it's gone. Gone like the wind! So my blog is most often whatever ramble I can put together on the days I can sit still and put two or more semi-intelligent thoughts together.

Today I even remembered to take a picture for this blog! Aren't we proud! This is my beautiful, funny, loving, huge hearted baby boy Andy. He will play inside most of the day and run outside late in the afternoon. This child has an it's about to rain meter buried somewhere deep inside. I kid you not 10 mins. after he is out the door it is pouring rain so hard you can't see in front of you. He is wet, outside and totally happy. He will be totally soaked then sit under the porch and watch the rain. It's a miracle he doesn't get sick but he doesn't and he loves it. My daughter Kaitlyn loved the rain too. In her very short time here, if it was raining she would cry until you took her out on the porch and suddenly she was quite. I like to think Andy got his love of the rain from his sister. I don't have the heart to make him come inside. So until the rainy season is over I guess he'll just be out in the rain in the afternoon. So if you drive by my house in the late afternoons expect to see Andy out watching the rain surrounded by a passel of neighbor hood kids that have decided our porch is the place to be. Isn't life grand!!


  1. that is so cute. I didn't know that about Kaitlyn. (or Andy)

  2. Atta boy.... WAIT!!! What am I saying .. I'm a dad, I'm suppose to be hard and telling you all the reasons why you shouldn't be in the rain as a responsible adult for the safety of your own good so that you are dull and shriveled frail thing... ..... ATTA BOOOOOY!!!

  3. @Taren - he is a cutie! yep she was one sweet baby like max only a girl!

    @Doug - Your a mess! I so know where Andy gets it from!

  4. lol yup, gotta have a sense of humor to be a parent.