Saturday, August 20, 2011

Completely Random Nonsense

I have writer's block so I have to make myself write something. So here is my completely random nonsense.

The kids were helping out by cleaning the kitchen the other day. Which they actually don't mind doing, strangely.

Me: Did you wipe down the table?

Boys: Yeah Mom we swept it.

Me: What do you mean swept it?

Boys: You know like with the broom.

Me: Seriously? Really? Are you kidding?

Boys: Nope it had crumbs on it.

Me: Lord help me!

I'm not sure where they got that idea. I'm pretty darn sure they have never seen me do that!!

Random Topic 2

School has started we are on week one and already Alex is driving his teacher nuts. Oh yeah it's gonna be a long year. It is not a good sign that Doug and I have to have a come to Jesus meeting before week 2 of school.

Random topic 3

Here are my first 2 cards! I decided I needed a completely Lone Estrogen hobby, no testosterone allowed hobby. My Mom does cards with Stampin Up and always thought they were really cute and so I've decided to give it try. I'm not really crafty but I'm quite proud of my first 2 cards! Extremely simple but really fun to do.

Card I made for Baby Job

Card I made for Danny's b-day

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  1. I likey! Your boys crack me up. I can see Evie sweeping the table