Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Hard Is It? Really?

This is my vent post! There are some disadvantages to being surrounded by all boys. Truthfully they are slobs although admittedly I can be somewhat of a slob also. Here is my how can is it really list, in no particular order.

How hard is it to:

1.  Put the new roll of toilet paper on the holder and throw away the empty roll.
2. To close the shower curtain when you get out of the shower. I hate mildew
3. To hit the laundry basket when you take off your clothes
4. Unload the dishwasher or load it for that matter
5. Fold a basket of laundry that has been waiting for you to fold it for a week.
6. Put your shoes IN the shoe basket
7. Put the books back on the bookcase.
8. Put your clothes in the actual drawer that they go in.
9. Put the movies and games back in their case and the case back on the bookcase.
10. Hang up your towels!

These are a few of my pet peeves that I am finding are driving me increasingly batso! I mean really. It isn't that hard.

I find that there are just not enough hours in the day. I'm having to become very task oriented in order to get anything done. I have to have a clear plan for the day and make myself stay on track or else I just don't get anything done. I'm finding this schedule so difficult to feel rested. I slept last night and woke up this morning tired. Go figure.

Next post...... Things I wish!


  1. ok, I have girls and they do all 10 of those! not limited to just boys

  2. Poor Trish!! Now is Doug included in this list?? lol Because,my girls are pretty good at picking up after themselves (most days) But Ron I swear is still a 8yr old boy.... he's worse then my 2yr old! lol So I feel your pain. I was cleaning our bedroom and all on Ron's side of the bed were empty coke bottles and food wrappers It was disgusting! I was like did I marry a 13yr old??? seriously.

  3. yep it so applies to doug too!